Laura G Bruce


Bud B-

I started the Restorative Yoga class and the Balance, Asana, Stretch, Elevate class the last week of April. It amounts to only 45 mins each morning, Monday through Friday.  Frankly, I had no idea what to expect.  I am 75 years old, about to be 76, and have not participated in Yoga or stretching strength classes in years.  My goal was to prepare for the summer golf season.  After three weeks participating daily, I played my first round of golf and after a lay-off since October.  To my surprise, my range of motion improved dramatically, allowing a more complete turn on both my back swing and follow through.  The result was an increase in my driving distance from an average of 218 yards to 234 yards.  Great results from an old guy trying to keep playing a game he loves.  Oh, and by the way, when I started in April I was the only male in the class.  Guys, it works!

Connie M-

Laura has a weights and balance class "BASE Camp" three times a week.  I attend through Zoom.  I am 73 and feel like the class is making me stronger and improving my balance.  Laura makes it fun! I really love her class.


Rhonda S-

I Zoom Laura's BASE Camp class and it's helped me immensely!  I am 75 and have a yard and house to take care of and sometimes that's hard on your back.  This class has helped me take better care of my back and made me stronger and able to do what I need to do.  Also, Laura is a lot of fun.  Her class is energizing and something to look forward to three times a week.

Dana S-

Laura ignites high spirits.  I attend her popular BASE Camp and two kinds of Yoga classes and at 70 I feel stronger and more fit than 15 years ago.  My strength, and balance have increased and so have my smiles!  Highly recommend.

Karen H-

I have the pleasure of taking several of Laura Bruce's classes.  I started taking her Restorative Yoga class and I am now attending BASE Camp  and Balance and Asana Posture classes.  Laura makes everyone, regardless of their ability, feel they can become stronger.  I look forward to these classes and it's because Laura is so positive and encouraging.  She is truly a wonderful teacher and I recommend her classes.  

Amy W-

Whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, become more flexible, or simply get in healthier shape, Laura is your gal.  Through years of experience Laura has been able to cultivate a variety of workout regimens to help fit various fitness goals.  Her group classes are both inclusive and adaptive with low impact and low flexibility options.  If you want someone to workout along side you as an example, Laura can deliver.  If you want someone to simply watch and offer feedback, she can do that as well.  If there is a specific exercise you particularly loathe or struggle with, she will provide you other options without losing the benefit.  She won't let you slack off, but she also won't guilt you into more than you're comfortable with. With Laura, you set the pace.  Laura excels at catering to the needs of her students and creating a positive environment to keep you motivated.  I highly recommend her as both a Yoga and Fitness Instructor.

Mylia S-

Laura is a professional but also your friend in your health journey.  She truly cares for all of the people who want to better their lives by living healthy and working out.  She is inspiring to watch because she works out constantly and she is always there to cheer on her students.  She meets them at any level they are at and finds them the individual tools to succeed.  She is very committed to what she does and it shows in her work and her personal life.  She is graceful in what she does and very patient.  She has personally helped me through many things by her friendship and motivation.  She is very experienced and knowledgeable and can be trusted to help anyone seeking health and wellness.  She is the very best.

Patti C-

I just love your BASE Camp Zoom Class.  So much fun to listen to your interactions with class members.  Your laugh is contagious.  Your reminders about body position are very helpful.  What a great way to start my days.  Thank you.

Lyndee C-

I would highly recommend Laura Bruce as a fitness and health trainer if you want to become the best you ever.  She is smart, savvy, kind and a perfect role model for what she teaches.  Always there guiding you to be sure you are doing it with the correct and most helpful form.  I have taken several of her classes the past couple years and have greatly improved balance, fitness and form.  She's the best of the best!  I am happy and confident in recommending her as your fitness guru.  

Richie F.-

You are an amazing trainer and I enjoy your Tabata and yoga classes.

Susan H. -

Laura is an outstanding fitness instructor committed to improving her students' health and conditioning.  I am currently 78 and have been a client of hers for the four plus years.  She is very knowledgeable and experienced and is able to quickly adapt her approach to fit her student's changing health and conditioning needs.  Laura is very personable and connects easily with her students.  Her sense of humor and ease of manner make her workouts fun but always goal oriented.  She is a positive person attentive to her students and enthusiastic about what she does, always looking for ways to make improvements.  I have been very fortunate to be able t work with her on a continuous basis both in personal training and in class settings on Zoom during these past few years.

Sally N.-

At almost 75 years of age, I have had many personal trainers to help with my fitness goals.  Laura at Touchmark at Fairway Village, has surpassed all those previous trainers.  Her years of training clients to teaching yoga classes has helped me attain my fitness goals of increased balance and strength.  She has modified my training regimen based on my health conditions.  Laura is kind, compassionate, enthusiastic and makes my personal training sessions and yoga classes fun!

Barb D. -

BASE Camp is a great class for improving balance and strength.  I have gone from weakness in my legs to being able to complete all the exercises performed in the class.  I take the class 3 days a week and it always challenges me. BASE Camp makes me feel better and stronger each day.

Yumi L.-

I am a 67 year old female (soon to be 68) Laura's BASE Camp class has helped me improve my strength and balance.  I started her class using 4lb dumbbells and now have progressed to using 7lbs.  Laura is a great instructor.  She is very encouraging and pushes us to be better.

Robert L.-

Laura is a wonderful and professional instructor.  I look forward to her classes and I have become stronger.  We need more instructors like her.

Diana S.-

Laura's enthusiasm is consistent and so very positive.  She is always looking for ways to keep her classes fun and effective in improving our fitness.  She always succeeds and we love her for it!